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Update: Services Responding to COVID-19

As the Oakland community unites to face this public health and economic crisis, Keep Oakland Housed is determined to do whatever it takes to keep the residents of Oakland securely housed.

Keep Oakland Housed will double its efforts to provide rental assistance, legal assistance, and housing problem-solving.

Thanks to generous donations big and small, Keep Oakland Housed provides:

  • Rental Assistance: Low income tenants in Oakland who have a documented housing crisis like a 3-day notice or proof of layoff or unemployment due to COVID-19.

  • Legal Assistance: Low-income tenants in Oakland who have an eviction lawsuit or legal questions concerning their housing.

  • Housing Problem-Solving: Oakland residents who are unstably housed, living in motels or other temporary housing and need support to ensure they do not become homelessness.

You may be eligible for assistance if you are experiencing a housing crisis and earn less than the amount listed below. This includes anyone whose income has dropped to below these levels due to COVID-19.

1 person: $43,400 per year ($3,616.67 per month) 2 people: $49,600 per year, ($4,133.34 per month) 3 people: $55,800 per year ($4,650 per month) 4 people: $61,950 per year ($5,162.50 per month) 5 people: $66,950 per year ($5,579.17 per month) 6 people: $71,900 per year ($5,991.67 per month)

If you need help, please call 211 and ask for Keep Oakland Housed.

Keep Oakland Housed (KOH) will continue to provide:

Legal Housing Advice: We are providing counseling on a large range of issues facing tenants, including:

  • Questions about an ongoing eviction lawsuit

    • Eviction notices, landlord harassment, and rent increases

    • Public housing questions, Rent board questions, and requests for repairs

    • Other legal questions concerning an individual’s tenancy

  • Rental Payment(s) based on documented urgent need, including back rent and security deposits

Supportive Services

  • Triage of needs; Quick housing problem solving, examples of which are: motel payments, phone and utility payments, move-in costs, and furnishings

  • Emergency support with access to flexible funds where needed (for help with food, medical, transport, etc.); Access to emergency housing support if needed

How to Access

  • Call 211

  • Leaseholders: Call Catholic Charities on Mondays between 9a -5p at 510-768-3100 or 510-860- 4985 (VM/Overflow) to get screened for eligibility and schedule a phone appointment for that week. CC is also taking calls Tuesday from 9a-11a for non-Oakland residents to be screened for Season of Sharing funds.

  • If You Do Not Have a Lease and are At-Risk of Becoming Homeless: Call BACS at (510) 899-9289 (main), or 510-759-4877 (cell/text/overflow). If you do not have a phone and need help, go to 629 Oakland Avenue, Oakland (Bus 11 stops right outside). BACS Hours are M-F from 9-5.

  • In Need of Legal Housing Advice: Call East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC) at (510) 548 4040 East Bay Community Law Center’s Hours are: 9:00am – 5:00 pm, ext. 629.

Keep Oakland Housed is a collaborative effort between Bay Area Community Services, Catholic Charities of the East Bay, and East Bay Community Law Center.

Keep Oakland Housed is made possible through generous donations from many individuals, companies and foundations, including our founding partners: Kaiser Permanente, Crankstart and The San Francisco Foundation. Learn more about the program and donate at Help us Keep Oakland Housed.


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