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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Keep People Housed differ from what Keep People Housed was during the COVID-19 pandemic?
    KOH helped keep 7,000+ Oakland households in their housing during the global pandemic. The City of Oakland received tens of millions of dollars in California State allocated CARES Act funding as well as ERAP, SRA and CDBG. This funding provided one-time financial assistance to low income renters and homeowners impacted by COVID-19. The application period opened on September 1, 2020 and the portal closed in March 2022. Over $40M was given out to Oaklanders by Fall 2023 and we were able to provide up to 18 months of rent arrears assistance. Currently, Keep People Housed has much smaller amount of money to provide and is unable to cover many months of back rent. However, we are able to problem solve, negotiate, help navigate resources, and help with modest amounts of financial assistance. Available services: Rental Assistance: Low income tenants in Oakland who have a documented housing crisis can qualify. Legal Assistance: Low-income tenants in Oakland who have an eviction lawsuit or legal questions concerning their housing. Housing Problem-Solving: Oakland residents who are unstably housed, living in motels or other temporary housing and need support to ensure they do not become homelessness. If you need help, please call 211 and ask for Keep Oakland Housed, or visit the Get Help page on our site.
  • What is the program’s purpose?
    Keep Oakland Housed works to prevent Oakland residents from losing their housing by providing legal representation, emergency financial assistance, and supportive services.
  • How can residents access the services?
    See the How to Get Help section.
  • If I am a legal provider, how do I access money to keep someone from losing their home?"
    If you are a legal provider, refer your client to the our portal and/or to our legal aid providers: East Bay Community Law Center Eviction Defense Center
  • What documentation is required to receive financial assistance?
    Completed application with Housing Crisis documentation ID or other proof of identify if ID not available Proof of Income 3-day notice, unlawful detainer filings, etc. W-9 from Landlord or new lease agreement
  • Will a check be written directly to residents?
    We will only create and send check to landlords or third-party providers who provide us with a valid W9. If this isn't possible, we will aim to problem solve.
  • If I already received support through one organization, can I go to the other organization for further support?"
    There is no need to go between both agencies to get further support. Each need is reviewed individually and if there is a need that goes above the general amount of money or services, the organization you are working with will continue to help you if that need is identified as a need that can be further supported through KPH.
  • I received a three-day notice what shall I do?
    Reach out to East Bay Community Law Center or Eviction Defense Center immediately and complete an application for Keep People Housed
  • I have been served with an eviction lawsuit (Unlawful Detainer) what shall I do?
    Please contact the East Bay Community Law Center at 510-548-4040 and ask for housing intake or reach out to Eviction Defense Center at 510-452-4541
  • My landlord is threatening to evict me, what shall I do?"
    Contact any of the three collaborating organizations. Depending on the underlying basis for the threat, you will be referred to the appropriate agency. Legal Representation East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC): 510-548-4040 and ask for housing intake. EBCLC represents tenants in eviction lawsuits to keep people housed in their current apartments. Emergency Financial Assistance and Supportive Services Bay Area Community Services (BACS): 510-238-5091 Bay Area Community Services provides emergency financial assistance and case management services to Oakland residents so that their housing is stabilized for the long-term.
  • What is Housing Problem Solving and how will it help?
    Housing Problem Solving supports rapid resolution to housing crises for people with unstable housing, including light ongoing support to make sure the solution ‘sticks.’ Problem Solving works with participants to identify options, overcome barriers, develop resolution plans, and carry them out. Flexible financial assistance can be deployed to support a housing option. Problem Solving includes follow-up with tenants and landlords as needed to address other barriers to remaining housed.
  • What languages are spoken by program staff?
    English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin
  • I was recently evicted. Can you help me find a new place to live?
    Contact Bay Area Community Services (BACS) at 510-899-9289, or text 510-759-4877 for help.
  • My landlord is harassing me, how can this program help me?"
    Call Bay Area Community Services (BACS) for consultation and support. BACS: 510-238-5091 We may also advise you to connect with East Bay Community Law Center or Eviction Defense Center if legal advocacy is necessary.
  • What are your office hours? Are you available to help at night?
    BACS Drop in: 629 Oakland Ave, Oakland CA 94611 Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the afternoon The East Oakland Collective Drop in: 7800 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland CA 94605 Tuesdays 10a-3p, Wednesdays 1p-5p, Thursdays 10a-3p ​ A. L. Willis Life Center Drop in: 1010 91st Ave., Oakland 94603 Tuesdays & Thursdays 12p-4p ​ Black Cultural Zone Drop in: TBD ​ Safe Passages Drop in: 1017 Clay St, Oakland CA 94607 Wednesdays 9a-5p ​ The Unity Council Drop in: 1900 Fruitvale Ave 2a, Oakland, CA 94601 Monday-Friday 9a-5p
  • How can others support Keep People Housed?
    Individuals interested in helping Oakland residents remain securely in their homes can donate now: Foundations and corporate funders who would like to support Keep People Housed should contact Logan McDonnell at You can also share the flyer!
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