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Who We Are

Keep Oakland Housed is a coordinated strategy and partnership to help Oakland residents at risk of losing their homes, providing a three-prong emergency response approach for residents: legal representation, financial assistance, and supportive services to help them remain in their homes.

Oakland residents experiencing a housing crisis and have a household income at or below 30% of the Area Median Income are eligible, with priority to extremely low-income households. Legal representation will be provided to tenants with an active eviction lawsuit up to 50% AMI.

In addition to anti-displacement services for current lease-holders, KOH closes the gap that allows people with unstable housing to fall into homelessness. People at high risk of immediate homelessness, living in housing without a legal lease (doubled up, etc.), or in other unstable arrangements can get comprehensive Housing Problem-Solving support through BACS.

For more information on how to access these services,

visit the How To Get Help page.

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Partnering for Change

From displacement to homelessness, California’s housing crisis has reached epic proportions in the Bay Area. Oakland residents are losing their housing and becoming homeless at a rate higher than the city and its partners can shelter and rehouse them. Individuals who lose their housing cannot find affordable rentals and are pushed into cars and tents or out of Oakland altogether. 


Two nonprofit partners—Bay Area Community Services and East Bay Community Law Center—work together to provide legal representation, emergency financial assistance, and supportive services. Together, they negotiate with landlords to prevent evictions, provide emergency financial assistance to keep residents housed, and offer wrap-around services to break the cycle of poverty.

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Bay Area Community
Services (BACS)


(text or call)

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East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC) 



(ask for housing intake)

The program is made possible by funding from generous donors, including Kaiser Permanente, Crankstart, and San Francisco Foundation. The City of Oakland is supporting the program through fundraising and staff support.

Hear from our KOH Partners:

How We Prevent Displacement

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