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KOH Seeks Consultant to Lead Collaborative Beyond Pilot Program

The Keep Oakland Housed collaborative partners are seeking a consultant to lead this high-performing initiative to the next phase during the third and final year of the pilot program.



Keep Oakland Housed (KOH) is a collaborative pilot designed to reduce evictions and prevent homelessness through legal aid, flexible financial assistance and supportive services.

Following a soft start in July 2018, the formal program launched publicly in October 2018. As of December 2019, KOH has served over 2,400 households (including over 3,500 individuals). In 18 months the collaborative has spent a total of $2,863,202 direct assistance funds, with clients and families receiving an average of about $2,600 in financial support to prevent them from losing their housing. Data from January through June 2020 is being collected and is showing a 30% increase in clients served due to COVID19.

On July 1, 2020, Keep Oakland Housed began the third and final year of the pilot. During year three, the collaborative must make a host of critical decisions to insure the program’s long-term viability.

A long-term funding strategy, formal infrastructure, and strategic plan that aligns with the broader homeless system of care is critical to the future success of the collaborative.


Competencies and Planning for the Future

The KOH Collaborative is seeking a locally connected individual that lives in an equity-framework, who is well-organized, community-focused and engaged consultant with deep knowledge of the homeless and housing ecosystem and who understands the prevention and anti-displacement model. The ideal candidate is someone who can create cohesion, push quality discussions, move groups towards decisions, and make strategic observations while cultivating continued operational infrastructure and design in the functions of information technology, monitoring and evaluation, budget forecasting, fundraising, and program design and development.

There is potential that this role becomes a director-level role managing the Collaborative in its next phase of implementation.


Next Steps

If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact:

Jamie Almanza, CEO, BACS | | 510.415.4672

Please email your CV, a cover letter, and any questions, thoughts, information. Submissions are due by August 14, 2020. Meetings with selected candidates and the Collaborative will occur the week of August 24th and a candidate will be selected by September 1.

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