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Preventing Homelessness Works - 2023 Keep Oakland Housed Report

To All of Our Friends Who Wish to #KeepOaklandHoused

Keep Oakland Housed was launched with the wisdom that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. The program recognizes that our community needs to stop homelessness before it starts — to prevent individuals and families from getting pushed out of their homes, to prevent people from having an eviction on their record, and to prevent the toll that homelessness takes on the people and communities experiencing it.

As you’ll see in this report, Keep Oakland Housed has proven that homelessness prevention works. Keep Oakland Housed uses a simple and secure online platform to offer legal, financial and supportive services to residents most at risk of becoming unsheltered. An independent evaluation found that the program effectively reaches those most at risk, for a fraction of the cost of waiting until they are experiencing homelessness. The model continues to spread as other cities and counties replicate the program and join the movement to Keep People Housed.

Keep Oakland Housed was incubated at The San Francisco Foundation, with services led by three local non- profits: Bay Area Community Services, East Bay Community Law Center, and Catholic Charities of the East Bay. Today, Keep Oakland Housed has found its home in Oakland as a flagship program of Bay Area Community Services (BACS). BACS has deep roots in the community, providing housing and mental health services in Oakland since 1953. We are proud to continue this work and deeply grateful to everyone who supports and champions this effort.

Read and share the full report, then join the movement to Keep People Housed today by donating.


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